NO MONEY DOWN Financing Now Available

For Commercial Solar

No money down commercial solar projects are now available through Coastal Power Solutions.

Installing commercial solar power can:

  • Reduce your building’s energy bill.
  • Improve operations.
  • Reduce its carbon footprint.
  • Increase property value.

Smart Demand Minimization

Get the Control You Need To Manage Energy Costs

Unlike other major operational costs that are driven by a simple price times quantity formula, energy costs are driven by how much you use (kWh) and peak demand (demand charges). Without control of both of these cost drivers, businesses can’t control energy costs, hurting overall business productivity and profitability.

Smart Demand Minimization by Intek Power Solutions uses a powerful software solution coupled with a battery storage to strategically smooth out peaks in demand. The software constantly monitors consumption and looks for demand spikes, as well as periods of high demand.  When this occurs, the batteries are instantly deployed to supply power to the building and minimize demand charges. The batteries will recharge during periods of low demand.

We do this with no cost to you. We can enter into a savings split agreement where you have no risk, only savings.

Getting involved in commercial solar power is a smart, economical decision. Call today to see if your building qualifies. Or, use this form for a free estimate.   FREE ESTIMATE FORM