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To make Alternative Energy affordable for everyone. To further help our neighbors get out from under the highest energy costs in the nation.

A note from our founder:

I understand how expensive everything is. Raising four children here was challenging. Right now, it seems my oldest son is having a tougher time than I did. Even though he and his wife have stable jobs, making ends meet with their young family is difficult.

At Coastal Power Solutions, we understand this community and operate our business to serve it. We are here to help our neighbors put extra money in their pockets every month by eliminating a major expense, the electric bill.

Smart Solar Program

Coastal Power Solutions developed our Smart Solar Program. This no money down option will eliminate, (or at least drastically reduce) your utility bill and replace it with a fixed, much lower, solar payment. The best part is that the payment will never go up and its only for a fixed amount of time, (12 or 15 years). After that, the electricity made by solar is completely free.

We feel this is the best way to go solar without using your own money. You will save much more, not only now but in the future as well. Please call us today, we’ll be happy to tell you all about it.

Joseph Milillo

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Beware of out of state leasing companies that offer free solar.  

Free solar sounds nice but it’s a bit of a misdirection.  What you really want, is free electricity. Our Smart Solar Program will save you at least $25,000 more than any free solar deal.

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