No money down financing that uses your tax credits and incentives

to maximize your monthly savings.

(NO MONEY DOWN, No Home Equity needed, NOT Leasing)

Is the Solar Lease right for you?

Solar power, by its very nature, is a dividend producing asset.  By virtue of saving money on a necessary expense, it puts tax-free money in your pocket every month. The rate of return (dividend) on investment is around 15 – 25%.  If you are among the many people who want solar energy but did not like the upfront investment, Costal Power Solutions’ Smart Solar Program offers no money down financing programs for solar projects.

How “FREE SOLAR” can be a $25,000 mistake.

Leasing is attractive on the surface because they advertise it as free, but the long term payments and accelerators make it more expensive in the long run.  In most cases, you would not want to lease a dividend producing asset. If you do NOT qualify for a tax credit, leasing is a good alternative.  But stay away from those annual increases.  They can potentially put you in a bad position if the Utility doesn’t increase as much as the projections.

No Money Down Financing

If you have a decent credit score, and qualify for a tax credit, (most of us do), no money down financing is what you want. When you purchase a PV solar system, you are entitled to Federal and State tax credits.   In most cases, tax credits pay more than 1/2 of the cost.  The SMART SOLAR PROGRAM is NO OUT OF POCKET, using an unsecured, hybrid loan.

The portion of money that will be reimbursed by incentives is financed in a loan with a no interest, no payment period.  This will give you time to get your tax credits during the no interest, no payment period.  When you receive your tax refund, pay the loan and close it out.  The remainder of your solar investment is financed in an unsecured, fixed-rate loan. The interest rate on the loan is low and fixed. There are no prepayment penalties. Contact us for details.

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Take solar to a higher level of savings and efficiency

¨ Free Energy Savings Assessment

Maximize your savings beyond solar with money saving tips and strategies.

¨ Active Monitoring

Power Solutions techs monitor alerts on your system for prompt attention.

¨ Consumption Monitoring

Beyond traditional solar monitoring, consumption monitoring keeps track of energy usage AND solar production

¨ 25 Year Warranty

Installation warranty for peace of mind for the life of the system

¨ Low Penetration Racking and Flashing

Minimize potential roof issues with our exclusive racking and flashing system.

¨ Dedicated Quality Assurance Staff and Post Installation Care

Post installation inspection and in-service consultation.

¨ MY Power Solutions App

Don’t let anyone scare you out of owning this valuable asset.  A Solar Electric system requires less maintenance than a flat screen TV.  Aside from an occasional glass cleaning, there is no maintenance necessary. Our systems have 25 year warranties on the panels and the inverters.  

If you are currently in contract with a leasing company, or are considering it, contact us today.

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Right now, we are using our credit, no balance due until around January! Can’t do that if you lease!
-Lynne O’Rourke