Solar Maid Panel Cleaning

Solar Maid provides a complete compliment of aftermarket Janitorial Solar operations and Maintenance services.

•Panel Washing Services  (Residential- Commercial- Utility)
•Wildlife Guard Installation   (Solar Maid Pest Stop ®)
•Snow Guard Installation  (Solar Maid Snow Stop ®)
•Weed & Tree Abatement Services
•Security Services
(Video surveillance / Remote Alarm Equipment / Guards)
•Landscaping (Grass cutting / Tree trimming/ Perimeter potting)
•Grading Services (Access roads / Build-out sites / Perimeter roads & beds)
•Snow Removal (Solar Equipment and Rooftops)
•Water Run-off retention equipment design and installation
•Grey Water Capture and Storage System Design and Installation
•Water Delivery (DI water brought direct to your site)
•Hurricane Blanket Installation (Blanket purchase required)
•Monitoring Services (Available through our third party partners)
•Carport and Parking Structure Guttering Systems design and Installation
•Technical O&M Services (Testing / Inferred Heat Scans / Inverter Maintenance / Commissioning / Audits / Site Verification / Through 3rd Party Partners)
•Complete Facility Management: This option is available to large utility scale customers with plants exceeding 25MW, Solar Maid will develop an onsite management program with Solar Maid personnel to handle the day to day operations including spare parts cataloging, procurement including all janitorial O&M and security.

Solar Maid provides a visual inspection and corrective action report, before & after pictures with all service contracts.

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel CleaningSolar Panel CleaningSolar Panel Cleaning